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After almost seven years working for the Dutch Police, I realised that this job wasn’t good for my mental health. Besides the horrible sh*t I saw during my career, I filled my private life with distractions. An insatiable lifestyle that didn’t make me happy. I decided to rent my house and give VanLife a try. I rediscovered myself and looked at life from a completely different angle. I suddenly felt free and could see where things in our society got messed up, and I still see many people struggling with the same stuff as me. So I have to share this with you! #vanlife didn’t give the desired effect to help others, so that’s why I redesigned my blog again. “the final version.”

Rob van Diessen

Vanlifer since 2018

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How I got lanched into 2023

How I got lanched into 2023

Get ready for a positive turn of events! In my last blog post, I shared a shocking story. But this time, I'm here to share the opposite: a tale of triumph and transformation. After six weeks of treatment, I'm thrilled to announce that I have overcome depression and...

A new chapter after six weeks

A new chapter after six weeks

After six weeks of therapy, I discovered many things. I found inner patterns that tortured me for a long time. It is too much to capture in one article. But I give it a try in multiple blog articles or a book. It all started with opening up. Shall we talk about...

The truth about my depression

The truth about my depression

I have to confess something. If you follow me, you probably noticed that I wasn't active on social media for a while. But, when I started to build my Van and put on gigantic stickers and was motivated to inspire thousands of people, things went a little bit...


Current Projects

DoReset Dopamine Course

A course to boost your motivation, productivity, happiness and how to increase the sensitivity of your dopamine receptors

Poster Remarkable on Etsy

My side hustle of beautiful poster in ultra high resolution to print on you favourite material


A unique art project on the Ethereum Blockchain to fund future projects that will better the world.

Time to Reset your brain

Dopamine Reset
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My mission

Help others to find sustainable happiness

Since puberty, I have experienced many emotional highs and deep lows in my life. Every time when I convinced myself I figured it out, it fell apart, and dark times followed. From failed relations to serious depression. However, even when we overcome these rollercoaster rides and learn a lot, some behaviours or beliefs get conditioned. Some of them don’t make sense at all and are hard to change by yourself. Check out my blog for my personal stories and projects.