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From Escaping the Matrix to Nomadic Entrepreneurship

I went off the grid by leaving everything behind to go on a vanlife adventure. This changed my life from escaping the matrix to nomadic entrepreneurship. This adventure helped me to find myself, unlock my full potential, and to gain a tremendous amount of creativity. I will share my story on this website and reveal key elements that changed my perspective on the world.

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How I got launched into 2023

How I got launched into 2023

Get ready for a positive turn of events! In my last blog post, I shared a shocking story. But this time, I’m here to share the opposite: a tale of triumph and transformation. After six weeks of treatment, I’m thrilled to announce that I have overcome depression and...

A new chapter after six weeks

A new chapter after six weeks

After six weeks of therapy, I discovered many things. I found inner patterns that tortured me for a long time. It is too much to capture in one article. But I give it a try in multiple blog articles or a book. It all started with opening up.  Shall we talk about...

The truth about my depression

The truth about my depression

I have to confess something. If you follow me, you probably noticed that I wasn’t active on social media for a while. But, when I started to build my Van and put on gigantic stickers and was motivated to inspire thousands of people, things went a little bit...

Portrait Rob van Diessen - Off the Grid: from escaping the matrix to nomadic entrepreneur

Hi, My name is Rob

Since 2018, I’ve been living ‘Off the Grid: from escaping the matrix to becoming a nomadic entrepreneur.’ I left the stability of my police job, rented out my house, and converted a Sprinter van into my new mobile base.

It may seem like a bold, overnight success story, but it was a journey that stretched out over five adventurous years. The physical departure was just the beginning. The real expedition was one of self-discovery, a quest often avoided by many.

And I understand, I was there as well. In a sea of distractions and external validations, it’s all too easy to lose sight of who we are. We pacify ourselves with short-lived dopamine spikes, giving us an illusion of contentment while we fund a never-ending stream of pursuits.

But I discovered the difference between brief satisfaction and deep-seated fulfillment, and how that awareness can spark a transformation. Once I started aligning with my true goals, a whole new world of productivity unfolded. Here on this blog, I’ll share with you the magic that unfolded on this journey to personal success and fulfillment.

Dude, you live in a van

You hit the nail on the head! I changed my stable life from escaping the matrix to nomadic entrepreneurship. And yes, some might label me a ‘Vanlifer.’ And people outside that community often have the illusion that VanLifers are just a bunch of hippies that can’t live in a “normal society” But let me ask you, what is “normal”? Living an average life with an average job to pay your monthly rent or mortgage? Creating the illusion that you this is your destiny and you wont be able to change? 

For me it felt the same, back then, Vanlife was my best bet to keep things economical. Because quitting my job would have led to a real hassle with my mortgage. And this is exactly the reason why most of people never will dare to change even if the current situations doesn’t make you happy.

But, I was done putting up with the constant hunger for more in my life. I had a solid job with the police, owned a house, and a car, and had enough dough to splurge on shopping sprees, wild parties, and my high-end fitness obsession. My days were a blur of gym, partying (without alcohol), and rinse and repeat.

Yet, all this hustle brought nothing when it came to real fulfillment. I found myself stuck in a cycle of self-blame, feeling like I didn’t deserve it. Unable to accept love, even from myself. To keep from spiraling down further, I knew I had to shake things up, and fast! I played it safe and decided to rent out my house. And guess what? The Vanlife was such a blast that I sold my house and geared up to convert my second Sprinter where I didn’t cut on the budget.


Portrait Rob van Diessen - Off the Grid: from escaping the matrix to nomadic entrepreneur

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