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[update 2023.06.25]
GuitarFaces is no longer for sale. As much as I would love to fund a project to help people with depression crypto is ethically not the right way to finance such a pure project. My perspective changed the last year and I realized that As long as crypto doesn’t have wide adoptions like normal fiat it remains the biggest Ponzi scheme ever! Let me be clear: When someone buys a (digital) asset to sell it with profit, the only increase in value comes from new investors. And this is a typical ponzi. When there are no new investors due to a lack of use case the value of crypto will decrease when the hype is over. The money flows from late investors to early investors until no more new investors are joining the pyramid. I’m against our current corrupt debt-based fiat system but crypto needs wide adaptation before it could work until then it remains a Ponzi. Anyway, below is the article with my old vision.

Unique NFT project to solve one of the biggest problems in the world.

GuitarFaces is my first unique NFT collection to fund a project that will better the world. My goal is to inspire, motivate, help, and heal others. However, my ambitious idea to solve one of the biggest problems requires a large budget. At first, I was planning to pull this off all by myself. This plan looked promising until Putin attacked Ukraine. Because of this and the post covid consequences, the crypto cryptocurrency, and all financial markets went down and entered a “bear winter”. The value went down, and this caused a massive delay for one of my projects. To keep control and not commercialize my idea with 3rd party investors or a bank, I created a unique NFT collection. Besides, everyone who buys a unique item from the collection can sell it anytime without affecting the project. Therefore, GuitarFaces NFT is a unique opportunity for retail investors to impact the world and make tremendous profits themself. 

If you have no idea what NFTs are, no worries, I will explain this further in this article. In a nutshell, an NFT represents the ownership of digital assets. For example, a digital art piece. 

My first Unique NFT collection ever 

Since 2020 I’ve started to invest in cryptocurrency, and I think this technology will potentially be the future of finance. Especially now, it becomes more apparent that the current bank system is obsolete and sometimes gets crippled when many people want to withdraw their savings. Crypto technology is not widely adopted yet but will grow over the following years. I see this as a similar opportunity to (the internet). At first, it was overhyped, but because of the revolutionary invention. Hover, because of the adoption of the internet, the biggest companies in the world became tech companies, such as Apple. Besides the trust in the future, I wanted to create an NFT collection myself for some years. I’m creative and had up with many ideas. However, I never uploaded and listed them because I missed a deeper purpose. Just selling digital art wasn’t enough for me. But after my dream to create something big to help others suffered some delay, I found a clear intention for an NFT project.

Perfectionistic, I am, the earlier collections weren’t appealing enough, and I needed something new. Something fresh. I wanted to create multiple unique items, but every individual item should be recognizable as part of the collection. 

Guitarfaces is unique and distinguished

Compared with the most extensive NFT collections, I needed something unique. Unlike the Bored Ape Yacht Club, with 10.000 similar apes with only minor variations such as color, I needed something exceptional, a unique NFT collection. Also, I needed something of higher quality than the famous Crypto Punks. However, respect for both projects and their success. But the most significant difference in this collection is the goal of my project.

The goal of this collection

The revenue from GuitarFaces NFT will fund my projects that will impact the world. My biggest ambition is to buy land in Spain or Mexico and build an affordable retreat where people can rediscover themselves. Eventually, it will start a retreat in Spain and Mexico. Depending on the success of GuitarFaces and in which country the opportunity arrives first. The goal is to build comfortable, luxurious, minimalistic monolithic eco-domes and provide a unique 10-day program. This program will be exceptional, intending to connect to our higher self. Nowadays, we are more distracted than ever before. After covid, many people became addicted to their phones and got distant from themselves. Easy access to high dopamine-releasing content can slowly create a mental illness. Where everyday day-to-day life becomes less attractive, and depression may occur. I’m suffering from exactly that myself. I escaped my insatiable lifestyle but still, from time to time, I feel trapped and depressed. I’m creating a 30-day course on this topic at the moment. I will reveal more information about this course soon. But to help people more effectively, getting out of their comfort zone for ten days will be the way to go. 

To make this retreat extremely successful, I want to hire the best professional to offer an intensive ten-day program. The goal is to teach visitors in ten days various tools that will last a lifetime. Ten days is not so long to break down some destructive habits. Still, it will be highly successful with an intensive program and the right conditions. Getting out of your comfort zone is key to change. However, I also think that discomfort in some aspects will interfere with progress. Here comes the balance between retreat and resort in place. The housing will be incredibly comfortable and luxurious with climate control, a bathroom with a relaxing shower, chilled drinking water, tea, some fruits, comfy chairs, meditation pillows, incense, and an excellent bed with adjustable ambient lighting. However, a television, a refrigerator, wifi, room service, unhealthy snacks, and wall sockets to charge electronics won’t be available. All this is to promote detox and come closer to yourself. For the dopamine-addicted guests, this will be challenging in the first days. But that is the point of the ten-day treatment. Check my blog category “projects” for all my recent projects. 

How to fund this project

To fund this project, I need a large fund. GuitarFaces can easily facilitate that primarily because all markets are currently low. This means that the entry price in Euro or Dollars is on its low now. After the sale of GuitarFaces, they would be enough budget to start a small-scale retreat. If Ethereum goes up in the meantime, there is more room for expansion and the buyers who bought when Ethereum was low down will gain the most. The bizarre creation of the GuitarFaces collection 

It took me weeks to find something that would fit my requirements. At one point, I discovered an A.I. that I could program myself to generate art for me. Unfortunately, Artificial intelligence is less intelligent than you think. Every time the A.I. interpreted my commands differently, the results were very inconsistent. I tried to generate a collection for days, but only one of the ten pictures could fit the same group. 

Until a friend walked by my Van and saw me behind my MacBook for days, he knew what it was trying to achieve and threw me some random words for a command. As a joke, I programmed the A.I. to generate something without expectations. I ran the command a couple of times to have some different results. Finally, one of the results caught my attention, and I continued with that.

No way! After weeks I suddenly found something unique but consistent enough for a collection. Some of them looked artistic, others scary, but all of them had their unique kind of beauty. I continued generating, optimizing, and finetuning more pictures in the upcoming weeks. Eventually, to be exclusive, I limited the collection to 1.111 items. 11:11 is my magic number. I see it all the time, and I will dedicate another article to seeing double digits. 

Creating the actual NFT in the blockchain.

Happy with my collection, I started to upload the pictures one by one to OpenSea is an online gallery where you can explore, create, buy, and sell NFTs on different types of blockchains. I linked my Ethereum wallet and started to make my first NFT. I was completely new to the platform and didn’t know anything. That first NFT took me about ten minutes to figure out important information, such as properties and a description. To be grateful, I bought the first item with one of my personal Ethereum tokens and got it transferred to my friend. He can collect or sell it later, whatever he likes. 

Then the difficulties happened. Not because of my first “sale” but because requires a Captcha after every upload. You can only upload one file at a time, and the captchas get more complex over time. Of course, I used shortcuts but still, it was time-consuming. However, every property, such as color variation, is evaluated and entered manually. 

After uploading more than one thousand captchas, I was ready to list them for sale. In the beginning, one by one, until I figured out that I could list 30 items simultaneously. But because I use a hardware crypto wallet, I had to approve every single item separately. Confirming is done by clicking my mouse and pressing multiple buttons on the hardware wallet. 

After weeks my first collection was online. GuitarFaces NFT got listed. You can check my collection on 

How much is GuitarFaces worth? 

As I mentioned earlier, the entry price is low at the moment. This is because the value of cryptocurrencies and regular stock markets are currently down because of the recession. The floor price of a single item in the collection GuitarFaces is 0.3 ETH (Ethereum). That was around 380 dollars at the time of writing this article. The floor price in Ethereum will stay the same until someone buys and list it for sale again. However, the first 100 items will increase by 0.01 ETH monthly if not sold. 

The worth in dollars or euros depends on the price of Ethereum. In October 2020, the price reached a peak of 4,864.97 USD. The price today is more than 70% down. That means if you buy a GuitarFace today and Ethereum goes up to the same price as in 2020, the value will increase by 3.75 times. So if you paid $400 and sold it again for the same amount of ETH during the ATH, you will get $1500, that or 375%. 

Predictions calculate that Ethereum will go up even further and pass its all-time high of October 2020, as it has already done multiple times. 

What is an NFT explained the easy way?

In the digital world, NFTs represent ownership of digital assets. They are also called crypto-collectibles. The letters NFT stand for “Non-Fungible Token”. Tokens that are unique and represent a specific value. 

To make this easier to understand, imagine this. Every coin you have in your wallet represents a particular value. No matter if it is one Euro, one Dollar, or a different currency. For this example, I use a 1 Euro coin. 

The coin’s value depends on how well the economy goes in Europe and how much people trust that economy and their governments. But 1 Euro will always be one Euro. What you can buy with that Euro depends on the economy. In a recession, you will need more euros to purchase specific products. We can see that now with the fuel price. 

It is the same with stocks, gold, silver, oil, and bitcoin. One stock symbolizes a part of the total value of a company. Gold, Silver, Oil, and bitcoin represent a specific unit value. However, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 Euro made in 2010 or 1 euro Made in 2020. The 1 euro coins have all the same value. With Bitcoin, exactly so. 

What is the difference between NFTs and Bitcoin? 

NFTs are slightly different from Bitcoin because every NFT is unique and irreplaceable. Because it is a piece of unique code stored in the blockchain, it is hard to imagine for most people. So to make it simple, a digital image is linked to that specific piece of code. Now that piece of code suddenly represents a unique artwork—just one of a kind. Like ordinary paintings, you can make copies of the artwork, but only ONE original exists. Because everything is digital, it is a digital image. Most people know how to save an image from the internet or make a screenshot. And suddenly, people don’t understand the value of an NFT. The fact that everyone can copy the image from the internet does not make it easier to understand. However, the importance here comes with a piece of code that represents the NFT picture. Like a certificate where you can see the actual owner. This NFT certificate is public and stored in the blockchain. 

What is blockchain, in short?

Blockchain is a system to store information in a way that is impossible to change. A blockchain is essentially a digital book of transactions. The book is public, duplicated, and spread across the entire network of computers joining the blockchain. Every transaction will be added to the book and copied across all the computers again. So when you buy an NFT, you receive that unique piece of code that makes you the owner of that art piece. When you sell your NFT, you trade that unique art piece for Ethereum, which you can sell for dollars, Euros, or any other currency. Check out my collection on OpenSea.